The Bike Club

The Bike Club started in London in last century. The idea came from bike messengers and black cab drivers. The idea left London and travelled to Central America settled in Cuba and then found its way back to Barcelona with a quick stop in London to refresh ideas about a year ago.

The idea has always been the same to provide a space for cyclists and friends to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere get their machines fixed, talk bikes, swap ideas and put a little soul back into urban cycling.

A good workshop and professional staff has always been at the heart of The Bike Club. A well stocked shop and fast reliable suppliers go hand in hand with our ethos.

Friendly service and convenient business hours are what sets The Bike Club apart. However there are many other facets which we have strived to include in a visit to The Bike Club.

We are more than a bike shop and a workshop. High speed fibre optic internet access available to our clients and complimentary iPads for use of our members. Freshly prepared food and snacks and some of the finest coffee in Barcelona combine to make a trip to The Bike Club a little more inspiring than the usual visit to the bike shop.

Whether you want to try the latest in urban bikes, trade up your existing bike for something more suited to your needs, upgrade your bike, give your bike a complete overhaul or rent a quality bike for a city tour or day out, at The Bike Club we can help you.